More on our ancient paternal ancestral migration and Scottish origins – The journey of our ‘Robinson/Campbell’ Y-chromosome

It is important that readers understand, that the suggestion of paternal Scottish origin, does not come without some evidence or professional opinion. After all, early genealogical text do state we Robinson’s are of English ancestry, and given our surname, this does seem to make sense.

However, the Y-DNA evidence, both in Y-matching and Y-haplotype, paints a picture quite to the contrary…..and this overwhelmingly suggest Scottish origins. On top of this, there is the irrefutable connection to our Scottish Campbell’s.

Early in my Y-DNA research, I commissioned the services of Alasdair MacDonald, genetic genealogist of ‘Your Scottish Ancestry‘, and a Teaching Fellow/Lead Tutor with the ‘University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Alasdair concurs, as the Y-DNA data suggest, that we Robinson’s indeed have Scottish origins, and that we come from a more ancient Campbell clan. This opinion is also shared with Alex Williamson, DNA scientist, creator, and manager of ‘The Big Tree‘.

I continue to work with Alasdair MacDonald, and the goal is to discover our Campbell common ancestors, specific clans, where our surname changed, and the ancestor who first immigrated to British Colonial America. As a secondary goal here, I also desire to find living Robinson/Campbell cousins within the Scottish homeland.

To get another professional opinion, I also commissioned the services of Dr. Tyrone Bowes, of ‘Scottish Origenes‘ to do a Surname Study. Now, I realize such studies can be considered controversial, speculative, and lack the backing of genealogical paper trails….but, Dr. Bowes does base his Surname Studies with Y-DNA data, as well as historical, census, landmark, and clan data.

My primary interest in Dr. Bowes work was not genealogical accuracy, but rather his analysis of my Y-DNA data…..and as with Alasdair MacDonald and Alex Williamson, he too concurs, that our paternal ancestral line shares a Scottish heritage.

Dr, Bowes further suggest our paternal ancestral journey originated in the Celtic heartland of the Rhine River valley (modern Germany), with a later exodus up the Rhine river, crossing into Britain, and then into the Highlands of Scotland…..wherein our ancient paternal ancestor ‘adsorbed into the Picto-Gaelic peoples’.

To read further on this topic, please see the ‘Other Works and Case Studies‘ section on the right side of the page, reports from Dr. Bowes.

At some point down the road, as new Y-DNA matches and data emerges, I will ask Dr. Bowes to re-visit these reports for an updated analysis.

Dr. Bowes also speaks to our ancient paternal journey in his following Blog post:

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*** A special thanks to Alasdair MacDonald, Alex Williamson, and Dr. Tyrone Bowes, who’s work I find very informative, enlightening, and educational. My sincere appreciation!