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If you are a descendant of James Robinson, 1760 to 1835, why not make yourself known? Introduce yourself to your cousins! After all, the very essence of furthering genealogy, is the sharing of family information, and collaboration with others. This information will also be helpful in establishing your Robinson family cousinship/relationship, and I would love to add you to the master family tree. Your input will be appreciated by all.

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Contributors or Supporters – Our Robinson Family and Cousins (and DNA matching databases)

William J. Robinson
FTDNA (kit #: 895766), GEDmatch (kit #: JC9355299), MyHeritage, Geni, and LivingDNA

Warren T. Robinson
FTDNA (kit #: 586167), GEDmatch (kit #: MJ2985738), MyHeritage, Geni, and LivingDNA

Dean G. Robinson
Ancestry, FTDNA (kit #: B81461), GEDmatch (kit #: UJ2134517), MyHeritage, Geni, and LivingDNA

Letha Robinson
Ancestry, FTDNA (kit #: B213222), GEDmatch (kit #: GF8694500), MyHeritage, Geni, and LivingDNA

Paula E. Moheng
Ancestry, and GEDmatch (kit #: A547535)

Justin L. Robinson
Ancestry, FTDNA (kit #: B220867), GEDmatch (kit #: UA4740998), MyHeritage, and Geni

Kyle A. Robinson
Ancestry, FTDNA (kit #: B228423), GEDmatch (kit #: PR5403660), MyHeritage, and Geni